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New findings from the book “The ONE Thing”

book - the one thing

Do you read some books more than once? I do. Why? I find that I miss a lot with the first read. Maybe you do the same? You may remember the main ideas and basic concepts. But the details are important too! And you may slip past them during the first read. When you read a book for the second time, you have a greater chance of catching those details. I reread some books recently and the same pattern repeats every time—I’m surprised with the number of additional details I catch.

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4 steps to remember more from the books you read

The poster for the book "The 12 week year"

How much do you remember from the books you read? I bet you remember some, but would like to remember more. Every time I read a book for the second time I’m surprised how little stayed in my memory. That’s why I created my own reading approach to remember more from the books I read. It consists of 4 simple steps.

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