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Show appreciation

show appreciation

Marcin, the way you ran the meeting was excellent. It was to the point, and everything was on time.

Marek, you prepared a great template. It’s so easy to use!

Andrzej, I heard how you handled that case with Grzegorz. I really appreciate the way you solved it.

Jacek, thank you for the report you sent me yesterday. It contains everything I asked for.

Kasia, your presentation yesterday was really interesting. I remembered a lot of details.

Marian, I really like your pants! You look great in them.

Guys, you did really well! The way you solved that problem was excellent. Everyone knows what
the issue was and no one feels resentful.

Yesterday’s dinner was really delicious. It was a pleasant to be your guest!

How often do you say similar things to your friends, employees, and colleagues? How often do you praise others and notice well-executed tasks? Probably not often enough!

Simple words that show that you notice something done well are priceless. They make other people feel appreciated and more confident, people want to continue to perform well.

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Program your morning

Routine//Zaplanujcie swój poranek

How do you start your day? Do you have a plan for your mornings? I used to just go with the flow, but some time ago I created startup procedures for my mornings at home and at work. Why did I do this? Why is it worth having startup procedures? Read on!

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4 reasons why you should have one to-do list

Centralna lista z zadaniami

How many to-do lists do you have? I bet you’ve got many more than one! And this is a good thing! If you read my post about jotting down everything, then you know that I’m all for writing down your ideas, tasks, and other things. But at the end of the day, all of those things should be visible in one common to-do list.

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