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Write everything down

My productivity starts with writing down all of the ideas that come to me. I jot down almost everything—a new idea for a blog post, a movie I want to watch, someone’s request to do something, etc. Why is this so important to me? Read on!

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Communication Strengths

Find more ladders — Strengths can help!

She is the best in her role. She performs much better than average. She is told that if she wants to be promoted, she can take a managerial position. The problem is that she doesn’t like to manage people. She loves what she currently does and wants to develop in that area. Unfortunately, there is no career path defined for that area. And also, if she wants to earn more money, becoming a manager is the only way. So she becomes a manager, and she’s miserable in that role. She misses her old job. Sound familiar? Have you heard similar stories in the past?

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